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Become Your Own Boss
If you think that you have the new business idea that the world is waiting for then this talk is for you. Learn how to get started, the value of planning and ways to use your experience for yourself.
Communication as a Problem Solving Tool
Communication is basic to daily life and business success yet it is rarely effectively used as a problem highlighting and solving tool. This talk presents the concepts needed to reshape group thinking to make the most of communication.
Entrepreneurship for New Graduates
New graduates have education but limited experience which can hamper getting a job in a tight job market. Learn how to spot new business opportunities and work with others to create the right business for you. Don't wait for the "right" job - create your own.
Entrepreneurship as Self Expression
Entrepreneurship offers creative opportunities to not only the founder but also those who become part of their community. If you feel that your work can have meaning as well as offer financial support, then this seminar is for you.
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Looking for Two New Clients in October '19

 I keep my client list small so that I can provide the most personal service possible. At this time I am looking to add two more clients to my practice. I am open to working with companies in the USA or Puerto Rico (already have clients in PR). Click the contact tab to reach out to me so we can discuss how I can make you more successful!
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